“Chicks n Chaps® is an outstanding organization.  I highly recommend them.  Not only because of their root goal, to raise money for a worthy cause, but also because of the individuals who are involved.  Since their beginning, the leaders of Chicks n Chaps® have been top-notch individuals.  CnC has always held well-run events and possess the understanding and willingness to work around other aspects of your event for all around success.  As a rodeo producer I highly recommend them for your event as a great way to increase ticket sales, create community involvement, and have maybe a little too much fun in the process.”

~Wade Sankey, Owner & General Manager of Sankey Pro Rodeo & Robinson Bulls


“The Wrangler brand has proudly sponsored Chick’s & Chaps since 2010.  These events bring excitement, fun, entertainment, and rodeo 101 with the cowboys – enticing new fans to come be a part of your rodeo, all while supporting breast cancer research, support, and funding.   I would highly recommend hosting a Chicks N Chaps event at your rodeo.”

~Jeff Chadwick, Director, Wrangler Western Special Events



“I have been involved in Chicks n Chaps® events since the organization began in Missoula, MT some years ago.  This exclusive sorority of ladies started something for the right reason, to help other women…what a success story they have become.  They have fun, they raise money, they enjoy and support the sport of rodeo.  What a platform!!

Because of their successes and “the cause” they have taken their show on the road with continued success.  Great sponsors like Wrangler and others have recognized the significant contributions that Chicks n Chaps® has made to their local communities and gotten behind “the cause”.

There is not a better reason than fighting breast cancer to get involved in some way with this organization.  The mission is noble and the impact is impressive.  As long as Chicks n Chaps® stays loyal to what they started out to do, I will help however I can….it’s the least I can do and my grandmother, who I miss everyday, who died of breast cancer would like that.

All the best to Chicks n Chaps®!”

~Will Rasmussen, PRCA Rodeo Announcer